How to Reset GoPro Hero 7 Name and SSID

I was getting my gear ready for our next AutoX and was having some problems with connections between the Kiwi ODBII Bluetooth, GoPro 7 Bluetooth/Wifi and TrackAddict Pro on my iPhone 7.

I started by resetting the wifi connectivity on the GoPro 7 (Preferences > Connections > Reset). The result was that the GoPro then creates a camera name and SSID/password credential. Because I had done this a few times, I had multiple entries for the SSID and Bluetooth connections on my iPhone. I deleted all these to get a clean slate.

2019 AutoX Goals

I retired after 30 years of service with UC Santa Cruz this past January. 

One goal I have this year is to get better at autocross. So, I've taken a few actions that I hope will lay a better foundation. Specifically, I've:

SCCA AutoX 2 022419 @ Marina

When evaluating driving videos ask yourself where are you at the edge of grip if you were then you're driving the car to hits mountains and if you weren't having a different car wouldn't make any difference

Also nike shoes worked great as driving shoes. Looks like someone took some photos and posted to Flickr. I'm on page 2. 

Driving Notes

SCCA AutoX 1 020919 @ Marina

Today was my first SCCA event. I joined up last year, but didn't participate. New goal in post-retirement is to participate in as much AutoX as I can and get better. 


PSM off on all runs.


Run 1 - ok. No major error PSM off 36/38. Need to be more aggressive and look farther ahead. 48.669


AutoX 102818 Notes

Marina 102818

4 runs AM

5 runs PM. Camera missed run 4 in the afternoon.


AM Runs - Notes

55.527 PSM Off. Ran course @2 to the left. Tires at 36/38. Did ok but lots of places to gain speed. Pretty good between 3-4. More gas @2 into slalom. More gas into 4 before hairpin. 

54.695 PSM Off. Ran course @2 to the left. Was more intense but sloppier. Be cleaner into 4 and 6. Focus on braking at 6. Lost .5 second at finish

AutoX Driving Notes - 052618

Very cold and windy all day at Marina

What Worked

  • Drove with PSM off on all runs
  • Found a sweet spot for tires at 40/42
  • Pretty good course read; didn't get lost
  • Better starts overall
  • Dropped times both morning and afternoon
  • Used the width of the course
  • Slalom was pretty good with concious "turn early"
  • Down jacket and ski hat


What Didn't Work

The Greenhouse

At some point in our home remodeling project, we were about to lose our concrete guy due to weather. It was a El Nino year, so of course we were grading and pouring during the winter! 
So we got a thought. Instead of losing our concrete guys, maybe we should expand our scope. So we had them grade what was already a pretty flat and unused section of side yard and pour a 20x20 pad. We figured at some point we'd install a greenhouse.

Creating Slideshow and Carousel in Views

As I get into more photography, I started thining about how to get some shots up on this site. Years ago I had followed a tutorial to do simple Flexslider slide shows. 

This time, I wanted to have a thumbnail navigation as well. I found a great series of videos on YouTube on Drupal and Flexslider. I took his basic approach of using a block for the slideshow and a block for the carousel thumbnail and modified it to use a views attachment. This article serves as my notes to self.