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Articles on a variety of older tech projects from UCSC.
By peterm, 14 December, 2023

Here is a short history of my involvement with campus maps. 

From 2001-2012, the online version of the campus map was a clickable web page that dropped the user into various grids or closeups of the map. Associated parking maps were hyperlinked to these detail pages. This was a project managed by my colleague Susan Willats. I had been involved in helping with providing a server, log management, etc. At some point I showed her what we could do with Drupal that would enhance this service used by visitors and the community at large.


By peterm, 14 December, 2023

Since the Events Manager site is no longer used, I went into the way back machine and found a history I had written. Even this history is only 2000-2008; the project was still being used up through 2018 when I retired.


Version 0.7.0


By peterm, 20 May, 2018


Here's what I'm testing on breadcrumbs for use with the campus template. 

I've been working with the custom_breadcrumb and menu_breadcrumb modules. I've also done some Views hacking to get a dynamic breadcrumb generated.

On the maps site, I've been using a view and some URL overriding to provide a breadcrumb for pages that land on node/nid/map_detail. These are pages that you'd get to by selecting a building or department. I'll probably scrap this at some point and just land on the nodes. 

By peterm, 28 September, 2015

A simple ExpressJS app that includes a Leaflet example. This is a modified lesson from a Udemyclass I was taking. It uses the jade templating language and pulls in Bootstrap and Mapbox libraries. Here's the description README from github.


By peterm, 28 August, 2015

Upon running this command on my MacBook Air:

docker run -i -t --name mymeanjs --link mymongodb:db_1 -p 80:3000 maccam912/meanjs:latest bash

We have a running container that needs to have the npm and bower installs completed before we can do much with it. We'll then clone meanjs from github and build it. This image It will also need Ruby and the gem sass installed.

So we navigate into the Development directory and clone the github repo, then start building things up.


By peterm, 25 August, 2015

I recently had come across this article, Running a MEAN web application in Docker containers on AWS. I'm researching containers for development work that can start in one place and then migrate into production as a docker file. So I spent an hour getting this up and running. In addition to the steps in the article, I found a few extra steps might make things work better.

1. Update Node. The maccam912 VM has an older version of node. It's an easy fix.

npm cache clean -f


By peterm, 24 May, 2015

As I continue to study the MEAN.JS framework, I wanted to develop an app that would help cement what I've learned, illustrate some of the points I got hung up on and try to define problems well enough that I can try to get some more help where needed.


By peterm, 27 April, 2015

One of my objectives with migrating data out of Drupal and into a MEAN stack app is for easier management of downstream requests for JSON data. We want to take advantage of the built in functionality of the MeanJS stack, and here's a simple exaple.

In this use case we wish to expose articles to some other app who will make a HTTP GET request for all the articles or just one.

In app/controllers/articles.server.routes.js, we need to add entries for the two functions we'll allow via GET.



By peterm, 23 April, 2015

Created a norcal.cities.geojson file via site.


In this tutorial we will load a small data set into MongoDB and build a simple map that adds a marker to a map. There is some preparation for this tutorial, so you will need the following:

- a working MeanJS environment

- created an Article in your working environment

- be prepared to do some find / replace in the GeoJSON data file attached to this tutorial

- be able to run commands from the terminal to load data into MongoDB via mongoimport and install angular-leaflet-directive