Septic System Replacement (Again)

By peterm95018, 7 January, 2024

In April 2022 we started to sense the septic system wasn’t working quite right. We had pooling water in the leach field and the accompanying smell.

Since it had only been 10 years since we had faced this situation we thought, it can’t be. Yeah, well, it was. In the picture below you can see a whole drilled into the line that has roots that have filled the line.


So we brought out a septic service to do some test digging through our turf. We drilled some of the lines and did some water flow analysis to see what was blocked and if the leach field had failed.

It took till October for us to get on the schedule (middle of pandemic). We got lucky and were able to trench and lay in some new PVC and vents for maintenance.


I add copper sulfate every six weeks at the vent points to help with root management.