Replacing Rainwater Pump

By peterm95018, 29 March, 2024

We finally replaced the water pump 3/27/24. We bought a 1 hp pump from Harbor Freight for $209 and another $30 in parts.

The first issue to figure out was the height difference on the inlet from the big tank. The new pump need to be lowered by about 2.5-3 inches. To do this, I went to Scotts Valley Pipe and the folks there figured out how to connect 2 elbows together using the existing short pipe with union fitting. It was a tight fit but works perfectly. I also raised the height of the pump by shimming it about 1/2” using some coasters made out of marble.

While we were making adjustments, I needed a 24” 1 inch x 1 inch flex pipe to make the connection to the line that runs to the uphill tank.

I turned on the pump with an extension cord and it filled the uphill tank in about 20 minutes.

2500 gal tank outflow

I exchanged this 18” length for a 24” length which puts less torque on the outlet pipe that leads to the uphill tank.

flex pipe to uphill tank