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I’ve been a Drupal enthusiast for many years. Here are articles I’ve written for myself to document how I approached various subjects.


By peterm, 17 December, 2023

I’ve been away from Drupal for a few years and was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to place and horizontally align 3 blocks in the footer.

Turns out you simply need to turn the Layout Builder on for a content type. From there, I simply created a 3 col grid and placed my three previously made blocks.

This post has a far more detailed explanation of how to make this work.


By peterm, 14 December, 2023

Here is a short history of my involvement with campus maps. 

From 2001-2012, the online version of the campus map was a clickable web page that dropped the user into various grids or closeups of the map. Associated parking maps were hyperlinked to these detail pages. This was a project managed by my colleague Susan Willats. I had been involved in helping with providing a server, log management, etc. At some point I showed her what we could do with Drupal that would enhance this service used by visitors and the community at large.


By peterm, 14 December, 2023

Since the Events Manager site is no longer used, I went into the way back machine and found a history I had written. Even this history is only 2000-2008; the project was still being used up through 2018 when I retired.


Version 0.7.0


By peterm, 10 December, 2023

I retired from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2018 after 30 years in information technology. In that capacity, I worked on and with a variety of technologies, platforms, open source and proprietary software and hardware in addition to leading teams, providing executive consultation, physical security systems and project management.

By peterm, 7 December, 2023

As Drupal 7 nears the end of its lifecycle, I started a little project to migrate from D7 to D10. 

Through the month of November 2023, I got back up to speed on Drupal, migrated my old site and started to add content that I had notes on from 2019-2023.

As I dug into the tutorials on how to migtate data and reviewed what might actually be of relevance to me or someone else, I dropped a bunch. 

To learn Drupal 10, I setup a site on Pantheon so I could easily build up and tear down prototypes till I found the right set of modules for my needs.


By peterm, 27 June, 2018


Building Address Project

Given a CSV file and a matching content type, here's how we get the data migrated into Drupal.

The following modules will be required:

Migrate, Migrate Plus, Migrate Source CSV, Migrate Tools, Migrate Drupal UI

Note that in this example we will import latitude, longitude into a geofield.

I had some drush migrate-import errors and needed to work with composer to get he latest dev version installed for Migrate Tools.

drush migrate-import mailstops_import

drush migrate-rollback mailstops_import

By peterm, 6 June, 2018

There are at least two methods to get this done. Here's the method I used and below is the outline of a method I found in the book Mastering Drupal 8.

This is a simple overriding process. Get a copy of the page.html.twig from the Bootstrap parent theme folder and copy it into our subtheme/templates directory.

First, we need to create a jumbotron region. This can be accomplished by modifying the page.html.twig file with the following snippet.

Above the #Main section, we'll paste this block. Use your own image

{# Jumbotron #}

By peterm, 6 June, 2018

I wanted to create a Drupal 8 view and in one column use Custom Text to output a Bootstrap button. After much wrangling, this is what I came up with.

You should start with the Settings for the Bootstrap Table view and make sure to set the Align for the column with the Custom Text.

table settings

This is what our typical list view should look like.

By peterm, 20 May, 2018


Here's what I'm testing on breadcrumbs for use with the campus template. 

I've been working with the custom_breadcrumb and menu_breadcrumb modules. I've also done some Views hacking to get a dynamic breadcrumb generated.

On the maps site, I've been using a view and some URL overriding to provide a breadcrumb for pages that land on node/nid/map_detail. These are pages that you'd get to by selecting a building or department. I'll probably scrap this at some point and just land on the nodes.