Project and Proposal - Modify Case Tracker?



We need a method to handle work intake using as much of the ITS project management methodology as possible. Basically, this involves getting the appropriate details and initial scoping information into a one page form. One of the benefits of following the methodology is that we can aggregate and start to look at priorities against capacity for our group.

I've been looking at the new version of Atrium and thinking about how to organize the incoming work of three administrative divisions without placing an undue burden on the LITS. The idea is that I need management information in order to make the work visible. The clients need some high level status information and general communications (notifications). The project teams need to record documentation and have a space for on-going communication. 

To-date, we've seen a collection of tools within the IT division (a Plone based collab tool, Jira for change management, and lots of office docs sent via email. 


Modify Open Atrium Case Tracker and add project fields:

  • Situation/Problem/Opportunity
  • Purpose Statement
  • Objectives/Deliverables
  • Methods/Approach
  • Success Criteria
  • Risks and Dependencies
  • Resources (People, Time, Dollars, Other)

Create status fields for our methodology:

  • Define
    • project idea
    • proposed project
  • Plan
    • chartered project
    • rejected project
  • Launch
    • approved project
  • Manage
    • active project
  • Close
    • completed project
    • rejected project

 Then What?

We'd need a view to provide some basic reporting information. Ideally in a nicely formatted PDF that I can take to meetings. One feature I used in Redmine was a status complete field; that might be helpful too.

The Obstacles

To-date, I haven't asked the LITS to track much of their work in either the IT ticket system (for incident management) or in Case Tracker. But, I'm down a body (retirement, no replacement) and have taken on a huge new area in Physical Security Systems. One of my objectives is to stem the flow of incoming voice and email requests that turn into small (class 1-2) sized projects that in turn swamp us. By getting all requests into a work intake flow, we can split up some of the client relations work between a few of us to make sure that we're nailing down requirements, priorities and dollars up front. 

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