Brainstorming for blog posts

I've been collecting ideas to blog about. I'll give each of these its own post over the next couple of days.

  • how to use node_import successfully
  • how to create drop down menu dynamically (Divisions)
  • how to add reset button to exposed filter
  • module changes for quiz
  • creating a waiting list for events in the events manager
  • jquery tips
  • embedding views into nodes
  • Open Atrium and collaborative projects
  • Aegir as an enterprise tool for provisioning and managing Drupal sites
  • Examples of common workflows in Drupal
  • embedding jquery into header of a view (zebra striping and highlighting)
  • custom modules for little things that you can't theme
  • document the process we use for the RSS / FeedAPI on
  • using the print module for printer friendly and PDF output
  • outputting an ITS project template from a Drupal form (physical security services)



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