In Other Autocross News

Turns out I wasn't the only car to lose a headlight during an event. Back in June on my first run, the drivers side headlight shot out of the car while I was in a full brake at the finish. 

The lights on this car were already starting to show a lot of crazing, but they were not chipped or deeply scratched. This kinda thing makes your gut sink when it happens. A replacement is $2,500 and then of course you need 2 so they match... 

AutoX 2023 Season

Well, its the end of the season for me. I got a chance to participate in the 10/28-29/23 dates at the Salinas Airport. Car felt good and both days I felt like I was improving my line and dropping my times throughout both days.

Byrne Family

Came across some shots of Grandma Inez's side of the family. This first photo is of William Harry Byrne who worked in the San Francisco Fire Dept.

Inscription on back reads, William Henry Bryne born July 14,1859 Mobile Alabama

Here's a shot of Grandma Inez

McMillan Family Wheat Harvesting Shandon

I recently came across some very old photos of wheat harvesting in the 1895-1904 time period. I'm pretty sure these were in Aunt Tootsie's storage. One has Phillip's stamp on the back.

On the back is an inscription in my mom's handwriting. Shandon Hills McMillan Canyon. This team took wheat and produce over Questa in a 2 day trip to market in SLO and came back with supplies the family needed according to Ross McMillan.


So, I may not have picked a peck, but I've had a pretty successful harvest this season. These were Costco pepper plants (Jalapeno and Fresno). They got fertilized and watered when dry. Plenty of 100+ days in the greenhouse this summer. My strategy was to do fewer plants spaced further apart. It seems to have worked.

Junior Guards 2023

So, we've got a new Junior Guard. I was one back in the early 70's. Brad was one in the 1980's. Now we've got a new one. It's a huge program with at least 60 9 year olds. They don't do pillow fights anymore but I see lots of good discipline and it gets used on me when we play games... e.g., "ok, I'm the captain and Lynda is the LT and you drop and give me 10".