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I've been remiss in not posting much this past several months. I've been keeping notes on various projects in Evernote that need to turn into blog posts and articles. These are along the lines of tips, tricks, and design ideas I've explored for the mobile version of maps.

Drop me a note if you're looking for something you can't find.


Mr. Mac

Mr. Mac starts school 1989

Dad passed away this past Saturday, February 22 at 10:44.

I'd been taking care of him these past few years. I was with him when he passed. 

The past few years had been hard. He'd been getting weaker and his cognition worse. But we found some fun to have this past year. 

In early summer, I took a week off and loaded him in the truck each day. We went to my office BBQ out at DeLavega, ate some Betty burgers, checked the surf and drove through the neigborhoods he knew as a boy.

Tom McMillan - 11/17/1934 - 2/22/2014

Mr. Mac

Tom McMillan, much loved husband, father, brother and 6th grade teacher passed away on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

Tom was born to Ross and Shirley McMillan at the Old Sister’s hospital (now a parking lot across from Dream Inn) in November of 1934.  He was the oldest of three with 2 younger sisters, Nancy and Mary.  Tom enjoyed Scouts and as a young boy he loved the freedom he found in Santa Cruz where could ride his bike all around town and fish off the wharf at night. 

Using Yeoman for a Dining App

I got turned on to Yeoman back at the Modern Mobile Conference back in September.

In October, I started working with Yeoman to build up a small mobile Bootstrap based site of a dozen pages or so. My objective is to use a team of students to help with development, keep the app as browser-based and make it work on mobile devices. 

The plan is to integrate some simple features. These include:

  • leaflet
  • leaflet-hash
  • leaflet-locatecontrol
  • touchSwipe
  • handlebars

Here's some notes on how this project is progressing.


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