What's New

Doing a lot of work and studying in AngularJS and the MEANJS stack. 

Drop me a note if you're looking for something you can't find.


Importing GeoJSON data into MongoDB

Let me save you the hours lost in trying to figure this out.

MongoDB 3.0.2. Valid GeoJSON file full of 809 features.

Using this code:

mongoimport --db test --type json --file ./'mobilemaps.geojson' 

I was able to create one document in the collection named 'mobilemaps'. That single document had all the features (points and descriptive data) correclty imported.


Travel in 2014

Before I forget too much of 2014, I thought I'd write down some of the cool travel we did last year.

We started with a trip to Miami and Key West in late December through early January. We hung out at the Fontainbleu and the Southernmost House. Warm, good food, lots of exercise.

In late March through early April, we went to London for 10 days. Lnda's had a Courseara conference. I walked around the city listening to Elvis Costello, The Clash, Cream, Jeff Beck and others, seeing the sights and acting as support for Lynda and Lauren Butler


Theming Foundation 4 Submit Button

Here's how I lost 3 hours. In using a comination of these modules with the Drupal Foundation theme. I wanted a small search button aligned right in the right sidebar. See http://mobilemaps-dev-proxy.ucsc.edu.

  • search api
  • search api autocomplete
  • search api live results
  • Foundation 4 theme


Extending the MEAN Stack Example

One thing that has been frustrating me in learning the MEAN stack has been how to extend the basic Article example (or a CRUD created module) beyond the basic data model. While you're trying to learn AngularJS and Mongoose/MongoDB interactions, you can find lots of literature on modelling, but little on how to modify your core CRUD views, model and controllers to work together. I'm sure that there may/are better and more elegant ways to accomplish this.