What's New

I've been remiss in not posting much this past several months. I've been keeping notes on various projects in Evernote that need to turn into blog posts and articles. These are along the lines of tips, tricks, and design ideas I've explored for the mobile version of maps and other projects this past couple of years.

Drop me a note if you're looking for something you can't find.


Importing Data - MongoDB

Importing to Mongo via jsonArray
mongoimport -d meanjs-leaflet4-dev -c leaflets -f name,coordinates --type json --file building-addresses.json --jsonArray
// sample file
      "name": "Cowell College - Apartment  2",
      "coordinates": "36.981798, -122.050032"
      "name": "TAPS Parking Lot 108 - Cowell College",
      "coordinates": "36.997739, -122.053217"

Getting MEAN with Leaflet Markers

Over the past week, in between meetings, I've gotten some additional functionality added. I've been able to enter a number of Leaflet nodes (records) and then display markers on the "list" view. I've created a link in the popup that then takes us to the detail record. I've also been taking Dan Whalin's Udemy course. His site has a 50% off coupon code.

The MEAN Stack and Leaflet - My Notes

I've been looking at how to refactor our campus maps app from being Drupal based to sometihng that is based on a RESTful API so that data can be easily shared with other apps. Drupal has gotten us a long way, but the map stack of modules we're using has some limitations. I need to pull some custom map work stored at Mapbox.com giving us deeper zooms and styling rules we've decided upon.

The MEAN stack offers one refactoring option. So, I spent Christmas vacation doing some reading, configuring and thinking about how the MEAN stack might work for our needs.

Some SmartOS Tips

In getting up to speed with SmartOS, it's useful to remember that there are a number of built-in scripts to make life easier.