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I've been remiss in not posting much this past several months. I've been keeping notes on various projects in Evernote that need to turn into blog posts and articles. These are along the lines of tips, tricks, and design ideas I've explored for the mobile version of maps and other projects this past couple of years.

Drop me a note if you're looking for something you can't find.


Some SmartOS Tips

In getting up to speed with SmartOS, it's useful to remember that there are a number of built-in scripts to make life easier.

SmartOS, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Imposm, Osmosis, Osm2Postgres

I'm still getting up to speed with SmartOS. Here are some notes I took while trying to get PostgreSQL on SmartOS to parse OpenStreetMap (osm) files. My intent is to use Mapbox Studio to do some custom styling for OSM as we develop some "single purpose" maps.

Here's the summary I wrote at LAX when I came home from MMWCON down at UCLA in September 2014.

I was ultimately successful in getting data parsed in the VM and can use Mapbox Studio to connect and style the maps. Now to find some time to finish that little project...


SmartOS LAMP Install

I'm starting to work with our smart data center project. I stumbled around looking for a recipie and came up with this basic list of instructions for getting a LAMP stack on a sdc:sdc:base64:13.1.0 image.

Mr. Mac

Mr. Mac starts school 1989

Dad passed away this past Saturday, February 22 at 10:44.

I'd been taking care of him these past few years. I was with him when he passed. 

The past few years had been hard. He'd been getting weaker and his cognition worse. But we found some fun to have this past year. 

In early summer, I took a week off and loaded him in the truck each day. We went to my office BBQ out at DeLavega, ate some Betty burgers, checked the surf and drove through the neigborhoods he knew as a boy.