Setting up a Docker container to move between hosts

Upon running this command on my MacBook Air:
docker run -i -t --name mymeanjs --link mymongodb:db_1 -p 80:3000 maccam912/meanjs:latest bash
We have a running container that needs to have the npm and bower installs completed before we can do much with it. We'll then clone meanjs from github and build it. This image It will also need Ruby and the gem sass installed.

Docker Containers, MEANJS, AWS

I recently had come across this article, Running a MEAN web application in Docker containers on AWS. I'm researching containers for development work that can start in one place and then migrate into production as a docker file. So I spent an hour getting this up and running. In addition to the steps in the article, I found a few extra steps might make things work better.

1. Update Node. The maccam912 VM has an older version of node. It's an easy fix.

SmartOS, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Imposm, Osmosis, Osm2Postgres

I'm still getting up to speed with SmartOS. Here are some notes I took while trying to get PostgreSQL on SmartOS to parse OpenStreetMap (osm) files. My intent is to use Mapbox Studio to do some custom styling for OSM as we develop some "single purpose" maps.

Here's the summary I wrote at LAX when I came home from MMWCON down at UCLA in September 2014.

I was ultimately successful in getting data parsed in the VM and can use Mapbox Studio to connect and style the maps. Now to find some time to finish that little project...


Using Yeoman for a Dining App

I got turned on to Yeoman back at the Modern Mobile Conference back in September.

In October, I started working with Yeoman to build up a small mobile Bootstrap based site of a dozen pages or so. My objective is to use a team of students to help with development, keep the app as browser-based and make it work on mobile devices. 

The plan is to integrate some simple features. These include:

  • leaflet
  • leaflet-hash
  • leaflet-locatecontrol
  • touchSwipe
  • handlebars

Here's some notes on how this project is progressing.

XCode Tip - Orientation

After struggling for a few days thinking that my jQuery code was somehow wrong, I found that I hadn't selected the various "supported device orientation" icons in my proejcts' target screen. 

To navigate to the this window, select the project, find the 4 icons and select away. While you're there, setup an App Icon and Launch Images.

Project and Proposal - Modify Case Tracker?



We need a method to handle work intake using as much of the ITS project management methodology as possible. Basically, this involves getting the appropriate details and initial scoping information into a one page form. One of the benefits of following the methodology is that we can aggregate and start to look at priorities against capacity for our group.

Removing Trailing Commas with TextMate

 I finally got bugged by not having enough automation in text processing for the TPP project. In TextMate, I edited the Text bundle duplicating the remove Trailing Spaces and creating a remove Trailing Commas. It's a simple perl expression, perl -pe 's/[\,, ]+$//g'.

Huge time savings. One click vs scanning through the file for commas. More to follow on TextMate modifications.

TPP update - more on using node_import

 I came back to work on the TPP project over the past few days. A couple of problems needed resolving. First, I'd used the CCK float type instead of using Decimal type to hold salary data. While it worked for hourly and monthly salaries, annual salaries were longer than the column could allow. So, I started my test by deleting the 37 float fields and recreating them as decimal 10,2.