Creating Slideshow and Carousel in Views

As I get into more photography, I started thining about how to get some shots up on this site. Years ago I had followed a tutorial to do simple Flexslider slide shows. 

This time, I wanted to have a thumbnail navigation as well. I found a great series of videos on YouTube on Drupal and Flexslider. I took his basic approach of using a block for the slideshow and a block for the carousel thumbnail and modified it to use a views attachment. This article serves as my notes to self.

OSM data and TileMill

I started with the TileMill support docs (Crash Course and Guides) to get my basic info and configurations. This is some of the best support documentation I've seen. Well written in a step-by-step approach. Admittedly, I need to re-read some sections until it sunk in, but after seeing some demo's by @springmeyer and @ian_villeda at SOTMUS, it started to become more clear.

Integrating OSM, TileMill, MapBox and Drupal

After attending the State of the Map (SOTMUS) conference last week, I started working on a project I had been thinking about for some time. I'd been particularly interested in figuring out how to use TileMill to style or override data coming from OpenStreetMap. Beyond that, I've been trying to figure out how all the different components would fit together. I should note that I'm not a cartographer, I'm just into mapping and the technology.

The Setup

Drupal and New Campus Template

I've been working with a small team to adapt our new campus template for use in Drupal. While the general direction of campus web presence is to move existing sites towards the Web Content Management System (WCMS), there are a number of use cases where current Drupal sites can't be migrated. These include sites with dynamic dependencies and web applications.

Upgrading Aegir to 0.4 a5

I wanted to upgrade the aegir tools on the -dev and -prod sites. I ran into some problems running the upgrade steps; which are probably due to some mistake I had made in managing the changes made since the original install. During the upgrade process, I was getting a variety of database error messages. I'm assuming that part of the problem was that I had originally installed 0.2, then upgraded to 0.3 and somewhere along the line, upgraded drush. Another symptom I was seeing was that my crontab for aegir was gone, so I could not process tasks.

TPP update - more on using node_import

 I came back to work on the TPP project over the past few days. A couple of problems needed resolving. First, I'd used the CCK float type instead of using Decimal type to hold salary data. While it worked for hourly and monthly salaries, annual salaries were longer than the column could allow. So, I started my test by deleting the 37 float fields and recreating them as decimal 10,2.