Fabulous Fun Friday Furlough Day

Well, I'm trying out my first furlough day. So far, I've slept 12 hours, read my email, got caught up on twitter and read a few articles on Drupal. I've found out that lots of folks are out today and we don't have good coverage on some of our servers.

The whites are in the washer, towels in the dryer. As fun as this is, it feels a lot like a Saturday or a take-a-max-accrual-vacation-day where you're at home on an official day and keeping an eye on your operations...

Next are the dishes and a workout. Maybe I'll start a dot com site; I can generate some revenue generating ideas. Maybe we should pool the brain trust for furlough driven profit. I'll keep thinking.

Update - Since you're pay has been lowered by 8%, you'll want to find low or no cost activities to do on furlough days if you're not out generating more compensation. Seems practical from a common sense point of view. Back to brainstorming revenue generating ideas.

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