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Adding jQuery Snippets

Two methods for inserting a jQuery snippet.

Method 1 - In the Views UI, navigate to Basic Settings > Header. In the Header, you can insert a jQuery snippet wrapped with <script> tags. This example sets links to open in a new window and provides advanced row striping for a table of data.

SHR Title and Pay Plan

For the past several months, I've been working on a project to bring the Title and Pay Plan (TPP) into a more useable format. The request goes back several years to the time of the Business Transformation Program, but for a variety of reasons wasn't able to come to fruition as a web application. The TPP is where the campus tracks salary information for all classifications. Contracts change over time, so we needed a method to help the classification and compensation staff manage this complicated and data intensive material.

Fabulous Fun Friday Furlough Day

Well, I'm trying out my first furlough day. So far, I've slept 12 hours, read my email, got caught up on twitter and read a few articles on Drupal. I've found out that lots of folks are out today and we don't have good coverage on some of our servers.

The whites are in the washer, towels in the dryer. As fun as this is, it feels a lot like a Saturday or a take-a-max-accrual-vacation-day where you're at home on an official day and keeping an eye on your operations...

Organizational Changes

As we prepare for the Fall quarter, I'll have some new responsibilities that include Physical Security Systems and an increasing role in supporting Student Affairs and the Chancellor's Office divisions. This reorganizational effort is driven by budget constraints. My personal action plan is to start learning some of the processes, people and technologies at work in these divisions through the Fall and Winter.