Water Harvesting

As part of the exterior remodeling, we added 2 tanks to the house to capture water for yard use. We get our water from the stockholders membership, but we’re on wells that can run low during drought.

Our approach was to drop in a flat 2000 gal tank under the deck as the primary source. We fill this tank with the downspouts from about 1/4 of our roof. It only takes 1-2 rains to fill this tank up.

200 Gallon Tank

At the top of the hill, we have a galvanized steel tank that stores 800 gals and provide a gravity feed to a hose bib and the greenhouse.

Galvanized steel tank

We pump uphill from the large tank to the small as the level in the upper tanks drops. We have a pump that kicks on, pushing water uphill until the upper tank ball cock triggers a shut off.

Driveway trench 1

Driveway trench 2


We also capture the water coming off the driveway to a seperate route to move it down and around the house to the lower level.

Driveway box drain

We trenched our downhill fire road and drop the water down about 300 feet to a perforated section that drains the water out slowly.

Drain to lower level