Setting up a Docker container to move between hosts

Upon running this command on my MacBook Air:
docker run -i -t --name mymeanjs --link mymongodb:db_1 -p 80:3000 maccam912/meanjs:latest bash
We have a running container that needs to have the npm and bower installs completed before we can do much with it. We'll then clone meanjs from github and build it. This image It will also need Ruby and the gem sass installed.
So we navigate into the Development directory and clone the github repo, then start building things up.
cd Development/
git clone meanjs
apt-get update
apt-get install ruby
cd meanjs/
npm install
bower install --allow-root
gem install sass
grunt build
In another shell, I started committing changes made to the docker container at each step in the build.
docker-machine env default
eval "$(docker-machine env default)"
docker ps -a
docker commit -a 'Peter McMillan <>' -m 'maccam912/meanjs:latest with Ruby, sass meanjs built out via npm install and bower install' ee7bfd71df8b
docker commit -a 'Peter McMillan <>' -m 'maccam912/meanjs:latest confirmed running stack' ee7bfd71df8b
docker ps -a
docker save maccam912/meanjs:latest > ~/Documents/docker-meanjs-complete.tar
Our result is a 1.09Gb tarball that should be able to move to a different server running docker and run without problems. 
Next step. Try moving it and running it on AWS hosts.



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