SCCA AutoX 1 020919 @ Marina

Today was my first SCCA event. I joined up last year, but didn't participate. New goal in post-retirement is to participate in as much AutoX as I can and get better. 


PSM off on all runs.


Run 1 - ok. No major error PSM off 36/38. Need to be more aggressive and look farther ahead. 48.669


Run 2 - was more aggressive but a bit sloppy. Better at looking ahead in 4-5. Need to do that for 2-3. Next run keep asking “what’s next?”  Got a little rushed resetting air pressure. 48.438


Run 3 - DNF too fast. Missed course @ 2. Hit a cone as well. 46.463 DNF


Run 4 - Got some instruction with Jake Obrinski. Helped identify the DNF spot. +1 cone 



Run 5 - best run of day. 46.913