How to Reset GoPro Hero 7 Name and SSID

I was getting my gear ready for our next AutoX and was having some problems with connections between the Kiwi ODBII Bluetooth, GoPro 7 Bluetooth/Wifi and TrackAddict Pro on my iPhone 7.

I started by resetting the wifi connectivity on the GoPro 7 (Preferences > Connections > Reset). The result was that the GoPro then creates a camera name and SSID/password credential. Because I had done this a few times, I had multiple entries for the SSID and Bluetooth connections on my iPhone. I deleted all these to get a clean slate.

In the GoPro app, I had added the default name of the camera during the pairing process (GP 1185). I deleted this camera's entry from the app by editing and then hitting the red Remove Camera button.

Now that I had a clean slate (e.g., my iPhone had no knowledge of the GoPro 7), I started the paring process again. This forces you to accept the default Bluetooth and Wifi SSID from the camera. 

In the GoPro app, click the + icon and add the camera, then rename it to your preference. Upon saving the new camera name, the Wifi SSID settings will reset and you'll have to accept that connections with the preferred name you just created. It appears that the default Bluetooth settings will remain but stay in a Not Connected state.


Resetting Hero 7 SSID and Camera Name

  • remote Bluetooth references
  • Remove wifi references
  • Remove/Edit camera from GoPro app main screen
  • Reset communications on Hero 7
  • Turn on wifi Hero 7
  • Accept GP 1185 Bluetooth pairing and wifi SSID connection
  • Add new camera to GoPro app via + sign
  • Edit camera name and save
  • Forces a Bluetooth and wifi reset process that lets you then select you’re new camera name