Docker Containers, MEANJS, AWS

I recently had come across this article, Running a MEAN web application in Docker containers on AWS. I'm researching containers for development work that can start in one place and then migrate into production as a docker file. So I spent an hour getting this up and running. In addition to the steps in the article, I found a few extra steps might make things work better.

1. Update Node. The maccam912 VM has an older version of node. It's an easy fix.

npm cache clean -f
npm install -g n
n stable
2. Install Ruby. Again the VM, needs to have ruby and the sass gem installed or grunt won't start properly.
apt-get install ruby
gem install sass
3. Learn the basic docker commands to start, stop and attach to the containers.
// list containers
docker ps -a 
// start / stop container
docker start 2c0fd581d265
// attach to a running container. Hit return to get the shell prompt.
docker attach 2c0fd581d265

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