AutoX 102818 Notes

Marina 102818

4 runs AM

5 runs PM. Camera missed run 4 in the afternoon.


AM Runs - Notes

55.527 PSM Off. Ran course @2 to the left. Tires at 36/38. Did ok but lots of places to gain speed. Pretty good between 3-4. More gas @2 into slalom. More gas into 4 before hairpin. 

54.695 PSM Off. Ran course @2 to the left. Was more intense but sloppier. Be cleaner into 4 and 6. Focus on braking at 6. Lost .5 second at finish

54.160 PSM Off. Ran course @2 to the righ (which was faster). Dropped tire pressure down back down to 36/38. it had moved up a couple of pounds. Felt better. Better @ 4. 6 was still a bit sloppy.

52.779 PSM Off. +2 Better intensity. Little sloppin 3, 4.


PM Runs - Notes

63.904 PSM Off. Spul 180 between 3-4. Lets settle down and get smoother

52.353 PSM Off. Better overall. Could have been smoother 3-4. Brought pressure back to 36/28

51.622 PSM Off. Better intensity by talking about looking ahead. Better through 3-4

51.571 PMS Off. +1

52.081 PSM Off. A bit sloppier @ 2 and less intense.

I don't think I chacked pressure between last 2 runs and I was near the ned so the tires would have heated up.