New HRE FF01 Wheels

Lynda bought me a set of new wheels for my 60th. After an exhaustive search, I ended up deciding to move the car to a 19" wheel from its default 20". This allows for more variety in options for tires.

Here you can see them brand new with a set of Pirelli P Zero's on them.

Don’t Panic - Porsche Error Messages

For the third time in two months, my 2013 Porsche Carerra S threw error messages at me. 

This time it was "Sport Mode Not Available" and "PASM Not Available". 

The previous error messages were a check engine light and when I ran the ODBII code there was also a Mass Air Flow error (P0068). After a little panic and a call to Bruce @ BR Performance, I settled down. I let the car sit for a while and then went for a drive. The errors cleared.

AutoX Driving Notes - 052618

Very cold and windy all day at Marina

What Worked

  • Drove with PSM off on all runs
  • Found a sweet spot for tires at 40/42
  • Pretty good course read; didn't get lost
  • Better starts overall
  • Dropped times both morning and afternoon
  • Used the width of the course
  • Slalom was pretty good with concious "turn early"
  • Down jacket and ski hat


What Didn't Work

The Starting Line Autocross Class

The Starting Line is a class held by the Sports Car Club of America (https://www.scca.com). After taking the Evolution School class back in October, I had been quite impressed with the level of instruction from the SCCA instructors. SCCA had a deal for $325 that included a year of membership and discounts on events. So I joined up.

When Did I Become a Car Guy?

Having driven a 1966 VW bug, 1969 van, 1972 bug, dasher, 72 van, in my early years, then Lynda and I drove the van and Penelope till we got Goldie.  Then Goldie died and we got snowball. Later we bought shadow our most expensive car to date.  Shadow and Goldie served us for years till we got hit heading to La Verne. That lead us to Lexie. Lexie served is well until a furlough Friday when her transmission failed.