About Me

My name is Peter McMillan. I'm a senior IT guy at University of California, Santa Cruz and have the title Director, Client Relationship Management. In this role, I provide leadership, consultation and strategy development for campus executives; align IT initiatives to meet campus objectives; plan, develop and manage IT projects. Specifically, I work across a number of functional areas in the institution including Business Services (Financial, Human Resources), Life Safety (Police, Fire, Risk, EH&S, Physical Security Systems), Physical Environmnet (Plant, Planning & Construction), Student Services (Housing, Dining, Administration), Executive Support and University Relations. 

I am deeply interested in open source technologies such as Drupal, Ubuntu, Apache and often start here to find business solutions to common problems. In my capacity as a working supervisor, I manage a number of Linux servers used for dev, staging and production web services. Of late, I've been learning the MEAN stack with an eye toward refactoring more work to RESTful API based apps

My hobbies include cycling and travel; sometimes combining the two. I can also be found learning Docker, NodeJS, SmartOS, etc.

In addition to my responsibilities as a senior manager in IT, I keep a portfolio of development work so that my brain won't explode. My portfolio includes:


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