XCode Tip - Orientation

After struggling for a few days thinking that my jQuery code was somehow wrong, I found that I hadn't selected the various "supported device orientation" icons in my proejcts' target screen. 

To navigate to the this window, select the project, find the 4 icons and select away. While you're there, setup an App Icon and Launch Images.

Building a mobile app

Over the past few weeks, I started working on a jQuery Mobile based application that would tie together some of my work with campus maps and campus events. My use case was getting a user information about departments, buildings, campus and local events. I've gotten to an alpha version that is deployed to my iPhone and iPad.

I wanted to spend some time learning the following technologies:

Switching Contexts - Strategic v. Operational

I reflected a bit this weekend on wearing dual hats as both a Director in our Senior Management Team as well as a DL serving (BAS, Chancellor's/EVC units Planning & Budget, VPAA, VPDUE, University Relations and Student Affairs). It's evaluation season, so as I think back on another year of service a couple of nuggets fell out.


Operational v. Strategic

Another Steve McQueen the cat story

Steve McQueen is a cat. I've written about him before.

On or about June 21, on a warm evening, Steve and James Dean pushed out a window screen and escaped into the night. Around 1am, we heard what I thought was racoons mating; loud screeching. Lynda woke us up to discover that the cats weren't in the house. Panic ensued.

We found James in the front entrance way; his fur fluffed up to near double. We started to hunt for Steve. 

Events Manager - Summer 2011

Update - 06/09/2011 Today I made a change the events manager system that will now correctly capture and display First, Last, Unit, Phone, Affiliation information. If you have events that do not have complete information, you can click the Edit button in the Signup List to add information about individual signups.

Drupal and New Campus Template

I've been working with a small team to adapt our new campus template for use in Drupal. While the general direction of campus web presence is to move existing sites towards the Web Content Management System (WCMS), there are a number of use cases where current Drupal sites can't be migrated. These include sites with dynamic dependencies and web applications.

Using Context for Campus Maps

 Some of the final touches are reviewing the work done for campus maps (http://maps-dev.ucsc.edu) and trying to get as much into code as we can. One way of doing this is by using the Context module. This will allow us to create conditions and reactions for different sections of the site. We can then export this information from the database to the filesystem where it can be managed in git or svn.

Drupal 7 and Drush

Had an odd problem working with new D7 sites on my Mac laptop. Turns out I needed to edit the settings.php file to use instead of its default entry for localhost.

Referenced from: http://drupal.org/node/726970

Here's an example:

peterm-macbook:sites peterm$ drush dl views


SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory [warning] Project views (7.x-3.0-alpha1) downloaded to [success] /library/webserver/documents/drupal-7.0/sites/all/modules/views.

Installing Aegir Problems

I've had a number of rounds of trying to get the latest Aegir beta installed. I was getting a "can't connect to master database" error. Weird, since I could connect to the db at localhost and the FQDN.

So, I started to poke around and saw the my .drush folder contained the files:

  • server_localhost.alais.drushrc.php
  • server_master.alias.drushrc.php 

Those files had stale info in them. I'd evidently run the install.sh script enough times and made changes in between that something was amiss. 

Webform and Fusion Charts

 We've been working with the Sustainability site on getting webform submissions to return a chart upon submit. Gluing the two modules together requires using a Custom URL redirect in the Webform > Form Settings > Custom URL field. 

I did need to patch webform using references here: http://drupal.org/node/764762#comment-3035596

For our testing, we were using this string to get us to the chart for the node we were on:


Views Tables and Zebra Striping

I was driven a bit crazy by trying to get the standard glossary view to show up as striped. In the views preview it worked, when looking at the page it was a solid grey. 

Two things need to be examined.

First, check the view configuration. Set the style of table to none. Set the sort order for the view. 

Second, override the modules > system > style.css entries into a local.css file. I pulled this info out to override: