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What's New?

I realize that I haven't published anything in nearly two years. That's pretty odd. Here's a brief run down on what's happened since 1/1/2019 when I retired from UC Santa Cruz.


Lynda got a puppy, Gunnar was in Kindergarten at Baymonte and our house every day after school, we grew veg and herbs in the greenhouse, put a new roof on; fixed the sagging parts, installed solar panels, put in a new lawn, went to the beach, took mom on errands, trained the puppy, went to Morocco, harvested veg, trained the puppy, trained the kid, did some AutoX (last one at Alameda naval), pretended we were cooking vloggers, did a lot of Tae Kwon Do, watched the kid and puppy get bigger (noted by bigger sticks for each).

2019 Slide Show


Used child labor, cruised around looking cool, went to the skate park, went to an NFL championship game, went to the park and climbed trees, had birthdays, went to El Encante in Santa Barbara, sprung spring, built a canon and moved lots of bark chips, went to Kindergarten,worked on reading, wore costumes, did more Tae Kwon Do, and then the world shut down. From there we had some trips to urgent care (head injury, broken wrist), moved TKD into the garage via Zoom, did some archeology projects, hid Easter eggs, re-organized the closet, learned how to ride a bike, took bikes to the park, graduated Kindergarten, learned how to use Photo Booth, got a new bigger bike, did some autocross, made some new friends, did some track days, sold Sluggie, bought Big Red, watched the CZU lightning complex come close to the house, evacuated the house, emigrated to Carmel for a month, had a MOHS surgery (reapply your sunscreen), made cards for CalFire to thank them, did some field trips, flew like a bat, got Lynda into TKD, carved pumpkins, lost a lot of teeth, grew some plants, did some go karting, sang happy birthday, went fishing, had some dance parties, made Roblox pancakes, had some sleepovers, got some Tesla batteries installed, got Mom a replacement deck.