Thunderhill East GGR DE #1

I attended the GGR DE #1 this past weekend up at Thunderhill. I had run the West configuration 2 years ago, but never had done the East.

I used a combination of Assetto Corso, Ross Bently course walks and some onboard video from Andy Lee to prep and memorize the turns.

On Saturday I ran 2:25, 2:24, 2:19, 2:17 best session times. On Sunday, I ran 2:16, 2:15.9, 2:15.1.

The car was set up with a new set of  19" Pirelli P Zeros running on HRE FF01 wheels. The DSC v3 controller had been replaced by Tom @ TPC and is working to spec. I also had the front rotors upgraded to Gyrodisc (as the back was already done) and braking was better and different. I thought I was locking up, but now realize that I was getting ABS feedback that I hadn't felt in this car before. In the 996 ABS kicked in often and would make my teeth chatter. In the 991 it sounds more like rapid "unsticking" of something. I hear that in the Clubsports and GT3's so I suspect that's just the brakes doing their work.

My plan for the weekend was to:

  • get the course memorized as well as possible
  • learn the line
  • not get in too much trouble

So the plan mostly worked. As I review the sessions I see the following areas to improve:

  • carry more speed in turn 1, turn in properly and make sure to allow the car to track out
  • in turn 2 work on double apex line and carry enough speed to actually track out to the curbing
  • be patient in turn 3 and hit the curbing at the cone on the apex (I was wide a lot)
  • turn 4 was mostly ok
  • turn 5 (Cyclone) was mostly ok, but I did go two wheels over one time. Training kicked in and I simply backed off power and flowed back on the pavement.
  • turn 6. I think I could have had more speed into the apex to get launched toward 7.
  • turn 7. I consistently backed off the power by 1-2 mph. Probably could have been a bit more aggressive here.
  • turn 8. It took a while but I finally got comfortable turning from the turn in cone.
  • turn 9. I need a better begin of braking cue to make sure I've got some speed off by the access road turn in marker. And, I did get better at getting on the gas while still heading uphil.
  • turn 10. It took till Sunday to get lined up on the right side and then turning in harder. More to do here.
  • turn 11. I mostly did ok. Lost focus a few laps and ended up in the rough zone
  • turn 12. Did ok, but mostly did not track out enough to the straight. Maybe some more speed that could be added
  • turn 14. I tended to turn in too early and had some problems getting the apex in the right place and with the right angle.
  • turn 15. Got better with practice.

In general, I really like Thunderhill East. But it is different than Laugna Seca and Sonoma where braking zones and turn in points are so much more articulated. On the other hand, there's so much more room for run off and passing and I was able to find lots of space with no one around me which was great. I was pleased with my performance and am ready to go back for another weekend in the fall.

Second video is from Saturday's best run.

Sunday best
Saturday best