Sonoma HoD 04-12-2022

I went with Hooked on Driving to Sonoma Raceway April 12th. Very windy and cold. Lots of downtime and black flagged sessions due to fluid leaks and a Corevette that hit the wall going out for a session.

Session 1
I got out in front of the group and had lots of space in front of me. Session was black flagged due to fluid leak around the whole circuit.

Catalyst shows ___

Session 2
I got out in front of the group and the track got black flagged. Seems a Corvette spun into the wall and got some rear damage before the entire B group was out of the pit lane.

Catalyst shows ___

Session 3

Looks like Catalyst can take screen shots. Let’s get images of the %var screens and think through what they mean.

Looks like I could shave 2 seconds in 6-7. For 6, we need to accelerate to crest of hill and brake lightly going downhill. It also looks like the optimal line is slightly wider than what I was doing.

Looks like turn 2 is another .8 that could be shaved off.

I drove with PDK in auto. Need to drive in manual. Lots of weird effects such as braking hard in 6 drops me down into 2nd gear with too much engine deceleration.