SCCA AutoX 2 022419 @ Marina

When evaluating driving videos ask yourself where are you at the edge of grip if you were then you're driving the car to hits mountains and if you weren't having a different car wouldn't make any difference

Also nike shoes worked great as driving shoes. Looks like someone took some photos and posted to Flickr. I'm on page 2. 

Driving Notes

  1. No course map today. Walked the course x3 before drivers meeting. Worked section 3 which gave good insight on a DNF cone that caught lots of drivers. First run was ok, but not very aggressive. Did not know the 4-5 section and finish. PSM off 37/39 pressure. 61.871
  2. Goal: faster. Was faster overall. PSM off. Better in last section. A little understeer into finish (long decreasing radius). Good looking ahead and course reading. 38/40. 59.709
  3. Went harder but got sloppy a few ties. Good on section @ 4. Line @ 2 (decreasing radius 180) needs to improve. Drove deeper and then turned. ODB2 device stopped working? 38/40. 60.190
  4. 36/38. Had Jake Obrinski with me. Drove harder throughout and dropped time. Got closer to edge of traction more frequently (I think). 58.938


Used both GoPro's today. Also gathered some data via TrackAddict. Here's the four runs plotted over a map. I'll continue to study the telemetry and video to see what else we can improve on. Basically, I don't think I'm getting on the gas early enough or hard enough. Need to ride with more people and continue to get tips on getting a better line.