New for 2017

I'm just back from Australia and started listing out some of what I've committed myself or my teams to accomplishing this next year...

Here's the short list of projects I'm leading or involved in for 2017.

  • Outfitting 4 new PD cars with IT gear.
  • Participating in an RFP and implementation for body worn cameras and in car cameras. This includes cloud or on premise server development and software support issues.
  • Implementing departmental VM infrastructure in PD to host their NetMotion system. We're also going to build a second infrastructure in the data center to manage our growing CCTV portfolio.
  • SafeRides will be using DoubleMap's app to support late night rides across campus for students needing to get home.
  • Filelocker is a secure web based file transfer system that needs some rewriting to integrate with Shibboleth. 
  • Web or terminal services for managing a growing user base on CCURE and WAMS (phyiscal security locking systems).
  • Drupal refreshes across a number of apps (Campus Maps, etc.)
  • Migration of some Drupal apps to NodeJS (MEAN stack)
  • Updating any number of documentation sets.
  • Updating building address app (bug fixes)
  • Updating stylesheets used by to serve up maps.
  • Developing a shared repo of GIS for various campus projects.
  • Participating in 3 service teams with the expressed purpose of defining network services, firewall services, physical security services.

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