Laguna Seca 11-22-2021

I participated in the Diablo Valley PCA DE event this past week at Laguna Seca. A well run event with about 70 participants. I was in an intermediate group with about a dozen cars. Had some traffic in a couple of sessions. Clear and dry weather that got up to 80 during the day.

I had been working with Andy Lee's coaching comments at both the 10-18 and 11-22 dates. The plan I created for the day looked like this:

  • Brake lighter and sooner
  • Improve vision through turn in to apex to exit
  • Nail turn 11
  • Better speed in turns 4, 5, 11

My notes to myself from the day with some Catalyst observations.

Turn 11, consistently turned in too early. Need to get to end of red and white curbing

Had some traffic issues in early sessions

Did not charge the hill between 5-6 due to lectures on sound. In hindsight, I did and have put my foot down in 3rd gear going up the hill without sound violations. Probably ok to just go for it.

What's working:

Better line on turn 9 that was consistent

Better turn in and speed on turn 4

Better speed through 3, but need to apex later

Better speed into turn 5

Better vision throughout the day. Moving the eyes from turn in to apex to exit was better all day.

Ok, that was notes for the day. I finally got some video processed. In reviewing the video, I can see that I've got to accelerate further into brake zone for turn 3 and 5 and 9 can be just a bit deeper. I'm still turning in too early in 3 and 11.

Fastest speed ever. Got to 115 going into 2. Did not betteer my best time of 1:50.0, but ran consistent 1:51 throughout the day.I also gathered some data off a GoPro + TrackAddict + ODBII. Made a video with some overlays. I was trying to get a sense of braking, but what we see here is interpolated from GPS data (I think). 


GoPro + TrackAddict + ODBII + RaceRender