Laguna Seca 10-18-2021

Prior to a track day with the Central Caliornia Region PCA at Laguna Seca on October 18, I had been through a coaching session via OpenTrack's Andy Lee. During that session, we worked on some opportunities at both Laguna Seca and Sonoma.

I got to drive the first session on a wet track. It hadn't rained around here for nearly a year and things were a little slick till mid-morning when it cleared.

For Laguna Seca, Andy's suggestions turned into my plan for the day that looked like this.

Turn 3

  • Accelerate from turn 2 deeper into the braking zone of turn 3.
  • Move eyes to the right to find back side of curbing at apex.
  • Use a much longer and lighter braking to get from braking point into turn. Should end up parallel if positioned correctly

Turn 5

  • Watch for the PDK trying to shift after the apex when you’re heading uphill. 
  • TODO. rewatch and listen for that gear change

Corkscrew / Raniey Curve

  • Track out from 8a to the left within a few feet of white curbing
  • Accelerate to bridge at full throttle
  • Stay left of center (very different advice than I'd been following)
  • Use much less turning to get through Rainey curve
  • Super light braking and/or maintenance throttle to get to apex
  • Accelerate from apex to track out of turn 9

Turn 11

  • At the braking point, get eyes up and focused down track to apex 
  • As you get to the apex, get the vision up and out to exit point
  • Don't be conservative in tracking out after hitting apex; use the green curbing as. you unwind

What’s working?

  • 3 is better today. Acceleration into 3 and nearly up to the #2 braking point, seeing the apex and brake pressure are getting the car into a better turn exit position.
  • I was able to change braking into 5 that dropped the PDK into 3 for exiting and heading up the hill.
  • Corkscrew through Rainey is better. Probably not far enough out to left, but was able to accelerate to bridge and they settle the car and make the turn getting on throttle to track out point. 
  • Eyes are up better at 11 and apexes are later. Using green surface at exit.

What could have been better?

  • Tires getting too hot for max stickiness. While I lowered pressure prior to second session, I saw an increase of 10 lbs at end of session.
  • Over slowing in 4, 5 and maybe 11

Here's the first session, lap 5 in some rain which looked like my best changed lines of the day...