Importing GeoJSON data into MongoDB

Update 5/1/15 - On a different instance of Mongo, I had run the command noted below and got errors. However, this worked:

mongoimport --db mean-dev -c points --file "points.geojson" --jsonArray


Let me save you the hours lost in trying to figure out getting GeoJSON features into individual documents in a collection versus one document with nested features.

MongoDB 3.0.2. Valid GeoJSON file full of 809 features.

Using this code:

mongoimport --db test --type json --file ./'mobilemaps.geojson' 

I was able to create one document in the collection named 'mobilemaps'. That single document had all the features (points and descriptive data) correclty imported.

But, I wanted a collection of documents. I'm new to MongoDB, so I'm studying and thought that might work better for my needs. Could not figure out how to get a successful import. I had read about pulling out the surrounding object and array tags:

  "type": "FeatureCollection",
    "features": [
The cleaned file then generated errors upon import due to the comma between features. 
So, I created a file with my feature collection, stripped off the surrounding tags. 
Then I did a search and replace:
replace (e.g., remove the comma and add a new line)
Running mongoimport on the resulting file gave me 809 documents in the collection. 
> db.points.find({"": "Dean of Students Office"});
{ "_id" : ObjectId("552ee3ef53049e605688ea19"), "type" : "Feature", "geometry" : { "type" : "Point", "coordinates" : [ -122.0570486784, 36.99607280576 ] }, "properties" : { "name" : "Dean of Students Office", "description" : null, "Food Type" : "", "Item Type" : "Student Services", "Parking Type" : "", "Seated Capacity" : null, "Standing Capacity" : null } }

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