Don’t Panic - Porsche Error Messages

For the third time in two months, my 2013 Porsche Carerra S threw error messages at me. 

This time it was "Sport Mode Not Available" and "PASM Not Available". 

The previous error messages were a check engine light and when I ran the ODBII code there was also a Mass Air Flow error (P0068). After a little panic and a call to Bruce @ BR Performance, I settled down. I let the car sit for a while and then went for a drive. The errors cleared.

In today's example, I let the car sit for a while and then took it for a short drive. The errors cleared. In doing some research, I found a reference that heavy rain might trigger PASM errors. I know we took at least 3 incles last night and another 8 over the previous few days.

In the case of the first errors, the car was parked up the street after a long rain over wet redwood duff.

Conclusion. Get the car cover on before the rain starts.

UPDATE 122021

Well, it's starting to look like the DSC Sport V3 module that upgrades the suspension in this car may be at fault. I pulled the unit and swapped it with the OEM module and the errors cleared. 

I had the PASM failure not clear up while I was at Laguna Seca on Saturday. On the upside, I drove pretty good times on the stock suspension and without the Sport mode.

Tom @ DSCSport is taking a look to see if the hardware or software is at fault. I expect to hear back before the new year.