Consult with Andy Lee

Coaching Consult with Andy Lee

As part of buying track day insurance for a year via OpenTrack, I've been offered a consulting session with Andy Lee. 

Andy won't remember me, but he instructed Lynda and I in one of our 2 Bondurant courses back in 2015 after we bought the 996. We had done a 2 day HPDE class and later we got a deal on the 4 day Grand Prix course. We watched some of Andy's racing off and on over the past couple of years and when I started to see his name and OpenTrack and got the new car and I was able to do 2 days a month, I went for the yearly insurance.

Car Setup

From 2014 - 2021 I'd been driving a 2001 Porsche 996. Over the years I'd improved the suspension, ECU tune, short shift, Toyo Proxes R888R, etc. I primarily did AutoX. After I retired in 2019, I started to think about doing track days. Starting last year in 2020, I did 6 days. In 2021 I've done 8 and will probably get to 12 days; track log. I bought a 2013 991.1 in April 2021 and slowly got it outfitted with Michelin PS42 and a DSC Sport Controller. Bruce at BR Performance, got me into some Girodisc brakes and has offered some other good advice.

As part of my planning around the 2013 991 Carerra S, I bought a Garmin Catalyst. I had been using iOS apps + GoPro which worked fine. But, I found I wasn't putting enough time into data analysis which was always post-event. The Catalyst seemed like a way to reduce the moving parts and get more immediate feedback. That's turned out to be true; I'm now taking the Catalyst out between sessions and finding a quite place to review and think about the next run and fixes that can be made. The Catalyst doesn't help with AutoX, but truthfully I wasn't diving deep into data at or after those events.

The 991 has a set of Michelin PS4S and a DSC v3 controller. We're also trying to get a set of RR paddle shifters installed, but RR Racing doesn't seem to responsive to the ticket I filed with them. May just buy a replacement stock steering wheel.

991 Laguna Seca corkscrew


With the acquisition of the new car, my intent was to drive more days with a variety of groups, become more comfortable and confident with point-by and be situationally aware of (mirrors, cars, flag stations). I purchased two virtual track walk videos from Ross Bentley and Peter Krause that I have helped to "memorize" the tracks and drive the line more consistently.

Because I'm pretty much between Laguna Seca and Sonoma, I haven't made the trip to Thunderhill this year or to Buttonwillow. Those are on my bucket list.

Speed. The 996 just couldn't get to 100 in the amount of space (or at least, I couldn't). The 991 has a lot more acceleration and braking. Thus, my speed is better, I can brake later and firmer and my times have dropped. Now, I have to fine tune carrying more speed at turn-in and exit speeds. 

Braking. I think I'm over slowing too often and want to continue improving trail braking turns 9 - 11 at Sonoma and turns 2 - 3, 9 - 10 at Laguna Seca.

Apex. I'm continuing to work on hitting the back sides of the "S's" at Sonoma and getting rotated at 7 and 11 so that I can get on and commit to throttle earlier. I still struggle with 3, 9, 10 at Laguna Seca. 

PDK. As I make a transition from manual to pdk, I'm looking for anything I can use to my advantage in this car. I don't yet feel I'm as smooth as I could be.

HPDE Strategy

I'm finding that there needs to be a strategy in how to grid at some events (duh), In Solo, in order to find open track I needed to be at position 1 or 2 in the grid. In B, I can be in the second wave and usually find the right spot to pass or be passed in order to get practice staying on the line. I also realize it kind of depends on the organizing group as to the number of participants and grouping. I'm open to other suggestions.

Below are 4 recent videos; 2 from Sonoma and 2 from Laguna Seca. Three are in my new-to-me 2013 Porsche Carerra S and one is in the 2001 Porsche Carrera 996. 

081821 Laguna Seca


082321 Sonoma


090321 Laguna Seca (996)


091721 Sonoma