AutoX Notes - Evolution School

I was very impressed with this class the wealth of great driving instructors in our region.

Wored with Shelly Monfort and Mary Pozzi

  • Think of the sapces in the slalom as a tunnel
  • Don’t memorize the turns. You need to be present (in the moment)
  • Look ahead and between the cones at the spaces to drive through
  • For slaloms, the flatest line needs to be assessed to understand if more or bigger turns might be the quickets
  • Think of course elements in terms of letter shapes C, S, D
  • Don’t look too far ahead. You might lose sight of the current element
  • Use the “what’s next” proess to keep in the present while on the course
  • Fast hands - faster hands may be needed in slalom
  • Unwind the wheel faster
  • Don’t get greedy - Can’t get through the skid pad fast, you can only lose time on this element
  • Driving the back side of slalom cones
  • Get a faster start - it can be much more agressive that I was
  • I was jerking the wheel. Really need to seek smaller, less jerky turns. FLuidity and linking.
  • Don’t drive like DEVO (jerky)