AutoX Driving Notes - 052618

Very cold and windy all day at Marina

What Worked

  • Drove with PSM off on all runs
  • Found a sweet spot for tires at 40/42
  • Pretty good course read; didn't get lost
  • Better starts overall
  • Dropped times both morning and afternoon
  • Used the width of the course
  • Slalom was pretty good with concious "turn early"
  • Down jacket and ski hat


What Didn't Work

  • Course was more sweepers and I was charged up to drive faster. As a resutl I got a lot of oversteer.
  • Braking was off. Need to "brake like you mean it". We're either on the gas or on the brake; never coasting.
  • GoPro was set to shoot stills not video. duh
  • Lifting not braking
  • Spun out but recovered and did not get a DNF
  • Hit 1 cone
  • Decided not to take pictures on grid to reduce distracion. Plus grid was next to a section that didn't work well for panning exercise.


1 48.537
2 47.250
3 46.786
4 58.874
5 46.194
1 46.030
2 47.876
3 45.864
4 46.236
5 45.114


For Next Time

Let's focus on braking:

  • no coasting
  • brake like you mean it, turn then get on the gas
  • Don't miss a shift (I think that I did in between 1 and 2
  • Remeber to analyze for areas that you can't gain speed; e.g., places where it woudl be east to understeer or oversteer
  • :