AutoX Driving Notes - 042118

What Worked
In reviewing a few of the runs from video:
  • technique was better; turning earlier, braking hard like I mean it
  • only a couple of hiccups with over or understeer
  • slalom seemed pretty good
  • good car position
  • used the width of the course
  • body and hand postions looked good (seat upright, mostly 10/2)
  • good on breathing and relaxation
  • when I felt “jerky” I was able to smooth things out in next run
  • didn’t understeer in increasing radius #3 or #5… but, probably could have gone harder
  • better analysis of course map and understanding where I couldn’t make up speed.
  • post-note runs indicated that I knew I wasn’t pushing enough
What Didn’t Work
  • I didn’t drive hard enough. Coiuld have been faster throughout. 
  • Didn’t get to the edge of traction or the cars performance
  • May have gotten distracted shooting pictures in grid
  • Did not turn off PSM until I remembered it in the afternoon
  • Needed to unwind faster in #5
  • braked too early in #3
  • Poor start a few times
  • tried to modulate braking on #3 and lost too much speed
  • Understeer in #5, #6 a couple of times. Minor due to slower speeds.
  • could do better analysis of where to add more throttle
For Next Time

  • Gotta get psyched up and go, go, go, go!
  • Don’t land in the bottom 1/3 of times